14 May 2009

While We Wait...

People wonder all the time what to do while we wait for God to answer the prayers we send to him. The truth is, we don't. What we wait for is what we want the answer to be.

God ALWAYS answers prayers. Sometimes, the answer is 'Not now,' or to the negative in some way. What we have trouble with is something different than what we thought the response should be. There is a classic joke that goes like this:

A town had flooded, which forced this man to his roof. Now, this man was a young christian, he had just taken christ in his heart a few months ago. As the water rose level with his roof a boat floated by and the driver yelled, 'Jump In, I'll save you!' The man yelled back, 'No thanks, God will save me.' As the water reached the the middle of the roof another boat came by and, yet again, the man declined saying that God will save him. As the water reached his ankles a helicopter flew over to offer a final salvation from the rising current - which he declined for the last time with the intent of God saving him. Finally the water engulfed him and he drowned. When he arrived at the seat of God he asked, "Lord, why did you not save me from the coming flood?" God looked at him and answered, "What do you mean? I sent two boats and a helicopter to save you. Why did you not accept them?

When we ask God for something in prayer we have to understand that God will answer it on is own time. He knows when it is right for us. He knows what answer suits us.

It's the right decision to ask God; but it's not the right attitude to pray for what you want to happen. Or even to expect that will give you exactly what you want. When praying it is very imperative to understand and pray for God's will - not your's.

God guides us with his alknowing, understanding, and merciful will. He knows our paths long before we decide which turn to take. The road that God built for us to travel through this life. However, we tend to travel a different road, unless we truly ask for God's will. Unless we know that God has great things in store for us. God knows our destiny. But it's our will to accept it and follow his guidance.

While we 'wait' for prayer we need to understand that God either has already answered it, or knows the perfect time to answer it. God knows our needs, and when to give us what we need.

I'm reminded of this song; the chorus simply says 'Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.'

So trust that God is doing what is right for you. God knows what you need and how to get you there.

Pray for God's will. Don't wait on him to answer with what you desire; but, realize when he does answer it - in His way.

For all of life's problems, ask God.

07 May 2009


No, I don't mean FML... That's what this is about.

You do know what that means correct? It means F*** My Life. Why though?

Isn't your life worth living? Isn't your life happening for you? Isn't your life worshipping God? Sometimes, it does seem like your life is coming at you at a really fast rate, just take a deep breath and try to make sense of it all. God will not give you more than you can handle - but you will!

Learn that you're not Superman. You can't do everything. That's the we tend to say FML - because we're frustrated when we can't do everything on our agenda. If you're mad that you have three papers due tomorrow, and you have to start on all three, that was you're mistake. Take everything in strides, get over what you can't accomplish and learn to be less critical of yourself.

You'll find you'll be a lot happier when you realize that what you're doing is all you can do. I personally find myself in these situations all the time. I have my agenda so packed that it is about to explode. Tha't when I don't plan anything else, I just get through what is already scheduled. However, time managment is just part of the FML stress of everyday...

The second part is when you decide to learn from your mistakes - as I said before, be less critical. The truth is, you're NOT perfect - and no one expects you to be. Do what you can the best way you know how, and live for God, and yourself.

In Maslow's heirarchy of needs, we see that we must first meet our physiological needs (breathing, hunger, thirst, et cetera); then we must meet our safety needs (security of what's around you, your job, family, health); next is our love/belonging needs; followed by self-steem; only after all of that is accomplished do we reach self-actualization. At this point we are most proud of ourselves and truly don't care what others think.

The truth of this is that self-actualization is not static, it waivers. People very seldomly find self-actualization and it is only for a miniscule amount of time.

So love your life, be happy with who you are, even though psycology says you'll very seldomly reach that plateu. Love your life.

Let's start substituting FML with LML (Love my life). Because it doesn't matter what comes at us, we can handle it, we can overcome it, and we can learn from it.

Have a wonderful day. I love your life. You should, too.

For all of life's problems, ask God.