23 June 2009

I will be a Dog... You?

I have recently discovered that there are three types of Christian's in this world. 1) Mules, 2) Cats, and 3) Dogs.

Let me describe what I mean by each one.

First of all, the mule's. These are the christians that even though they say they worship God, and will follow him. They stick to their own ignorance and do as they want to do regardless. I'm not pointing this at anyone, but you can tell if you are one of these. Life works in a way that we don't know about, but God does. He shows us the correct path to take, and asks that we follow his decision. But, like the stubborn mules some of us are, we take our own path and choose for ourselves the worse one.

Second are the cats. These are the ones who follow God on an every now and then basis. If you ever notice cats, when you call them, they take a message and come when they feel like it. They'll go do what they want at their leisure, and do what you ask when it's right for them. As christians our natural human tendnecy is do what will benefit us, and come back and do God wants when the two coincide. Our God forgives us of our sins - completely. Yet, why do we not give him the respect to do as he asks? Simple answer, we are humans. That's tough to overcome, but we must try.

This brings us to the third group, the Dogs. I know in today's society being a 'Dog' seems to be deragatory term. Yet, that needs to change. Dogs seem completely devoted to following their masters. The dog must be trained to do this, but we must train ourselves also. Dog's are not like the servant in the parable of the slave of two master's. A dog shows his devotion everyday, in some way. That is what we need to do. While, I understand that I have fallen into all of these catergories at some point in my life, I am vowing to God right now, to be more dog-like. I challenge everyone reading this to do the same. We need to be D.O.G.s.

Deliberately Obeying God... Be a Dog. Not a cat. And definitely not a mule. Live your life to obey God. As he wants you to. As they say, D.O.G.s rule - cats drool.

For all of life's problems, ask God.