25 November 2010


What an original title, I know. But, that's what today is - Thanksgiving! A time when we sit back, eat, and think about the problems we'll have paying for everything we just ate, as well as the stuff we'll be trying to afford next month.

I've always found something simplistic in the notion of Thanksgiving. A time when we actually try and forget all of the woes we complain about every other day. It's a fantastic thing to think about. A day when nothing matters except for the good things. It's the one day of the year when we look past the storm to try and find the rainbows. The enumerated wonders that God provides in our life. Happiness is all around us!

This is a passage from the book eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert:
...people universally tend to think that happiness is a stroke of luck, somthing that will maybe descend upon you like fine weather if you're fortunate enough. But that's not how happiness works. Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it, you must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it. If you don't, you will leak away your innate contentment. It's easy enough to pray when you're in distress but continuing to pray even when your crisis has passed is like a sealing process, helping your soul hold tight to its good attainment.

Thanksgiving is the one time of year when we extend that challenge to ourselves. The challenge of finding that happiness. Happiness is a challenge withing each of us. This involves many steps.

First, we must make the conscience decision to be happy. We must make an agreement with ourselves that we will seek happiness.

Secondly, we must have the ability to do so. We must understand that we need to seek happiness as a perpetual journey. We must take the road to happiness - direction determines destination.

Lastly, we must surround ourselves with happiness. Happiness is very dependent on your surroundings. It is very dependent on what kind of person you are - and who you surround yourself with.

Try and take the road to happiness. Robert Frost once wrote
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

It makes all the difference on which path you take, the path to happiness or a different one. All you have to do is "Think of all the beauty still left around you, and be happy" as Anne Frank would say.

So, today, I'm thankful for happiness. For the struggle it takes, and the journey it provides. I pray that each of you can be happy!

For all of life's problems, ask God.

18 January 2010

The Pact

Have you ever heard that song, "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back"? Lately I've thinking about this simple line. This simple promise to each other. We will take our time to share God's word - to allow God to overwhelm us in such a way that we want nothing more than to bring back His word and salvation.

I've been having dreams - almost nightmares. One was about computer viruses on someone's computer. One was about me getting a speeding ticket for a semi-truck that I wasn't allowed to even drive. These seem very random and off-the-wall. However, I've grasped the meaning of these dreams - as far as I can tell. It seems that my carelessness is what brought about these seeming horrific events. It was because of me that these things happened. I don't mean in a way that's hard on myself - I simply mean that this was the message of these dreams. If I don't watch out and be careful Satan may take over my mind and soul. I must see him lurking around every corner and take action to ensure that the Lord fills my heart so that there in no room for Satan to even try to get in. I must make a pact with the Lord to bring salvation back! Not only in the world - but in my life!

I've also noticed that every time I feel sinful. Every time I feel like I'm not worthy, I always end up doing something really specific. I take a bath. While this doesn't seem like I've realized it's not because sitting in the warm water is soothing - though it is. I've noticed that it's because I feel the need to watch the sin away. To wash Satan off. To allow my guilt to soak out of my life. I've realized that this does nothing without asking God for forgiveness. Without making the pact with Him to bring the salvation back!

So, you and I must make a pact! You and God must make a pact! To bring salvation back!

08 January 2010

Born to be Wild

This has nothing to do with the song. On the contrary, it has to do with nothing else but the sheer power, and might of God. Lately, I've been having these feelings. I just feel immense guilt anytime I think about me sinning. My heart becomes heavy to the point where I can't seem to shake the feeling that I don't deserve anything but the wrath of God. After all, what have I done to deserve salvation? I didn't die. Or did I?

God calls us to live for Him. Do His will and cherish his word! Why would we want less than to share his almighty purpose? Where would the hope be if we were destined to live a life of sin with no chance at resurrection? Without the hope of one day meeting the one who placed where we are?

Through these feelings I've discovered that I want nothing more than to share the word of God. Be His follower, and have him guide me where I belong. I don't think I've fought this for many years, however, I do feel I've tried to delay this incomparable destiny. I think that I've spent many years allowing myself to tread the waters of the earth without ever finding the life preserver of the Lord. Now, I don't mean to contradict myself. I knew who God was, I loved him and held Him close. Well, not close, but - inside. I didn't allow his light to touch those around me, however, I allowed the light to touch them while putting Jesus in the shadow and taking the credit. I spent my life wondering why no one was congratulating me, why no one treated me like I've done something good, why no one felt proud of me. I didn't realize that Jesus has done that. And in return I must show him the same good fortune and favor He has given me. Knowing this simple thing enlightened my world more than anything I ever discovered in the Bible - though I'm sure that's in there.

I understand now that my life is meant for Him. My life is no longer to be controlled by my weak choices. I rise from what was once a feeble human, and venture in a dark forest where few tread. A place that fills many with so much fear that they dare not journey into this land. It is not a desert. It is just beyond the clearing where God's salvation is given. The forest is filled with those who took the risk to live for him. It is rich with a soil so fertile that if you were to plant something it would spring up and yield ten-fold. However, it does not come without work. This is a place where God's children can spread His word. They can plant the seeds of the Lord and nurture each seed with gentle kindness and a subtle hand. This forest poses a threat to Satan which can't be contained. He will lash out against anyone who dares enter into the trees. But, God will shower His few precious followers with the ability to banish him to his desert, to the place that yields nothing but hate, anger, revenge, and lust. The forest which I will choose to travel into will have a perpetual tempest of Satan. But with the Lord hovering over to ensure that His crops produce a fruit sweet enough for anyone to taste with no regret I know I will succeed.

Recently, I traveled to a friend's church. I went to watch a performance of a prophetic dance team ('trEd dance' www.treddance.com). The show was amazing and the result it produced in me was what I believe first had me thinking about this step I want to take. Without going into too much detail I will tell that I knew what they were doing was for the Lord. I knew that they were succeeding in their mission to share His word. I understood this very simply. I cried. Not just at the beautiful performance, but because I could feel the Spirit of God in the place. Not just God, but Satan trying to overtake some of the feeble ones who might allow him in while thinking that it is God. I don't understand many of these things that I feel. I have some sort of connection with the Spirit that I can't explain. Maybe I don't even know what it is myself - yet. But then, I suppose we all do.

I know that I was Born to be Wild for the Spirit of the Lord. Taking bold choices to support Him, and allowing risks to be that may alter how people see Him. And I don't mean wild like "Where the Wild Things Are" but a different form. Not dangerous, but carefree. A truly beautiful sight to anyone who might behold it - and especially to the Lord!

I pray for everyone reading, and everyone who's not. I hope that you can pray for me as I venture into the shadow to raise a new generation of followers. I hope some of you may even follow me. But most importantly, I pray that you are learning, listening, and loving the Lord. It may take some time, but you'll get it! Hang in there!

Have a blessed day! I'll talk to you soon!