18 January 2010

The Pact

Have you ever heard that song, "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back"? Lately I've thinking about this simple line. This simple promise to each other. We will take our time to share God's word - to allow God to overwhelm us in such a way that we want nothing more than to bring back His word and salvation.

I've been having dreams - almost nightmares. One was about computer viruses on someone's computer. One was about me getting a speeding ticket for a semi-truck that I wasn't allowed to even drive. These seem very random and off-the-wall. However, I've grasped the meaning of these dreams - as far as I can tell. It seems that my carelessness is what brought about these seeming horrific events. It was because of me that these things happened. I don't mean in a way that's hard on myself - I simply mean that this was the message of these dreams. If I don't watch out and be careful Satan may take over my mind and soul. I must see him lurking around every corner and take action to ensure that the Lord fills my heart so that there in no room for Satan to even try to get in. I must make a pact with the Lord to bring salvation back! Not only in the world - but in my life!

I've also noticed that every time I feel sinful. Every time I feel like I'm not worthy, I always end up doing something really specific. I take a bath. While this doesn't seem like I've realized it's not because sitting in the warm water is soothing - though it is. I've noticed that it's because I feel the need to watch the sin away. To wash Satan off. To allow my guilt to soak out of my life. I've realized that this does nothing without asking God for forgiveness. Without making the pact with Him to bring the salvation back!

So, you and I must make a pact! You and God must make a pact! To bring salvation back!

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