08 November 2008

This Cyberland...

This place, made for those who like to express, without the threat of criticism or fear of retributrion. It's amazing how freely people will put what they don't want to say no the internet, where anyone can read it. Although, sometimes it's easier. Sometimes people don't want to talk to their friends or anyone about their true feelings about a give topic. That's the amazing thing, out technology has given us the new ability to have a 'virtual diary,' whether we want people to know it's us or not. We live in a world where people are willing to share with total strangers because society has told us that we shouldn't make our friends mad or upset, otherwise, we're a 'bad friend.'

Anyway, that is really everything I have to say today. Just check back. What I have to say may not be important, but it may be what you need to hear. Anyway, talk to you guys later.


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  1. Hey Marshall, it's Dannelle!

    Welcome to the blogging world =]
    Very interesting 2nd post.

    Looking forward to more =]