15 March 2009

To err and forgive

How can we live? How can we succeed? How can we truly know life if we don't experience it? But, how can we get the experiences we want without the sin, and guilt? We truly have no other way except through God. And, as everyone learned in Sunday School, Man is seperate from God, by nothing except by sin. Sin is a beast; wild, untamed, and completely common.

The truth is that everyone has at least one thing they want to do; one thing they want to experience; one thing they have always wanted to try, just once. And most people don't end up doing it because they are in fear of sin, as they were taught in sunday. This feeling is absolutley common, and absolutely correct. Our life is filled with choices; choices we must make, and choices in which we must suffer the consequences (regardless of which decision you make). And those consequences make us feel guilt. That guilt can be that we feel guilty for the sin because we chose to succum to temptation, or guilt that we feel because we didn't do it - and we REALLY wanted to.

Sin is natural. Sin is bad. Sin is inevitable. After all, "To err is human, to forgive is divine." You know that saying, 'It will chew you up and spit you out?" This is not completely like sin. Sin will chew you up. But it will not spit you out. Your addiction to the sin will carry you farther than you ever intended to go. Sin will swallow you whole and resist every attempt to have you climb back out. It is your job to fight this sin. You must fight it. It is a never-ending battle; not just for you, but for all of mankind. The only thing that can truly save us is God, through his perpetual mercy.

For all we have, God has given us. However, for all we sin, it gets taken away. Until that one glorious moment in which we accept God, and his forgiveness. From the bowels of sin, from the depths of addiction, from the torture of pain, we must beseech God to forgive us and rise up from the ashes of what once was, as a Phoenix.

We are nothing, we have nothing, we know nothing; unless God is with us, and in us. Sin casts so great a shadow that God cannot be caught in its darkness. He can conquer - and is the only cure - for the blackness that it leaves in its wake.

Pray for forgivness. Ask for His mercy. And beseech God for His protection.

In His name. Pray. Amen.

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